Strange kids out there…

Lately I have been listening to many random paranormal radio shows and pod casts and one thing is for sure, there are so many similar  stories it leads me to wonder are these stories real or just urban legends?   I know, we at the Midwest Paranormal Files keep a “anything is possible”  mindset with everything we hear.  Who am I to say what is impossible?  We ourselves have experienced unexplained paranormal phenomenon.

There are so many types of “entities”  people have stories about, from your basic ghost stories of residual, or an intelligent style hauntings, to the Banshee entity, poltergeists, Bigfoots, aliens and the like.  But some stories have had the same seemingly similar culprits for generations.   Stories have a familiar thread, from the 1920s, to 1950s to today.    

One of the entities that has really got me thinking.   I wonder if there is something really going on, or is it a hallucination, caused by the like-minded psyche of hearing a familiar story from someone somewhere.  Or is it an urban legend?   What, exactly I have in mind, is that of the “black-eyed kid” phenomenon.

If you have never heard of these guys, allow me to enlighten you.  Although, I warn you, they may creep you out a little.  Imagine, you are sitting at home, it is around nine pm at night, and you are getting ready to relax for the evening.  When, all of the sudden, there is a knock at your door.  “That is weird, I am not expecting anyone”  you think.  You get up to answer it, only to notice when you open the door, it is a young kid standing there.   They have sort of nondescript clothing on, say a dark colored ill-fitting shirt, and have their head down.  

“Can I come in for a glass of water? “  they ask.  You are immediately uncomfortable with this situation…  “Is everything o.k. ?”  you ask?  They seem slightly agitated and, ask again to come in…  Never looking up at you.  “No, I think you better move along.”   and you shut the door, thinking to yourself, “what the heck what that?”   More and more of these stories are surfacing, children approaching people with strangely emotionless type questions trying to do one thing…  Get into your home or vehicle.  What is more disturbing, is when these children look at you they have dark eyes.  From what I hear, it isn’t like they have dark colored eyes, I mean, they have completely black eyes.    Some stories of these kids go back to the early 50s, but seem to be reappearing lately.  

Some stories are even more disturbing, such as one story of a kid appearing to knock on the porch door of someone’s house.  The disturbing factor, being the porch door was on a deck that was unfinished, at least eight feet off the ground and the stairs had not been built yet.  

Or people being approached in their vehicles and asking the person for a ride.  In one such instance, the child just appeared in the car.  Only later that evening, the driver of the same car was in a bad accident.   I know, it sounds like an urban legend, or a storyline of a bizarre movie.  But these stories keep reappearing.  It makes me wonder what is really going on.  

There are many opinions out there, from people who believe theses are demons, trying a new way to enter into a persons life.  To other people believing them to be aliens or something.   One thing is for sure, they all have a similar persona.  A child, or young adult.  In either ill fitting, dark, or somewhat “out of place”  era clothing.  They tend to not make eye contact, and have a very stoic tone to their voice.  Often also having a vague reason for why they need to come in or, to get a ride in your vehicle.  Also, noted is electrical disturbances, either before or after the incident.   And, of obviously the black lifeless eyes.    

So, what I want to know, is who are they and what to they want?  There are a couple of people out there with books on the subject, just one of them being, “The black eyed children” By David Weatherly.   But the stories are abound on the internet if you search for them.  

Have any of you ever heard or experienced this first hand?  I would like to hear your story. Do you think they are ghosts?   What do you think they are up to?   Like I said before, we keep an open mind around here.  But, just a suggestion, If you do encounter one, do yourself a favor, and don’t pick them up or let them in.

  • Kristy