ParaCon has been canceled for 2019

What we know is this. The decision to cancel was not Shooting Star’s. It was the White Earth governing body that has had to cut spending across all it’s programs and entities. We are optimistic that this will run it’s course throughout the year and they will be allowed to bring it back in 2020. Sadly the cost of the talent they bring in out ways the ticket sales most years. They balanced it with the full hotel, bar and food. Sadly the people that go to ParaCon are not gamblers. Which is a spot that would have recuperated more money.

We also know the other big event the casino puts on, Wedding Extravaganza, has also been severely cut back. The new tribal council has affected business on the White Earth Reservation in many aspects. That is a whole other discussion for different people to talk about.

There is a lot of talk about starting up new events. Duluth has been mentioned. Groups in the Twin Cities area are also talking. Johnsdale Paranormal Group have been planning an event for the past two years in Menomonie, Wisconsin at the Mabel Tainter Center. When/if some of these gain any traction MPF will share the event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The links are on the header. Like and follow our pages for any news.

For most of us in the field, ParaCon was a great reunion and networking event. We have made a lot of friends at the event and enjoyed bringing people to the locations we shared. Opening the event was a great honor for us. We had a fantastic local location planned for this year as well. If it does come back in 2020 we will have 2 years worth of evidence and stories to share with you. So look for new events to see your local paranormal groups and maybe some of the stars as well.

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