Midwest Paranormal Files have conducted investigations from Duluth, MN. to Villisca, Iowa, as well as Northern North Dakota. We are based out of Detroit Lakes, MN, and have been doing this since October 2010. The group uses scientific methods when conducting an investigation with audio, photography and video. If you have a location please fill out this form

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Enjoy the new site

We hope you enjoy the new website we put together. The last one along with most of it's contents exploded into cyber dust. We were able to find bits and pieces of it laying about. The rest we had to recreate. The nice thing about doing a complete rebuild is finding all the stuff we overlooked. I'm speaking mostly about the evidence. We found previously unshared EVPs, and consolidated frequently visited cases.

Save the Kirkbride

The Midwest Paranormal Files group is dedicated to each and every investigation location...One building that is near and dear to us is the old state hospital in Fergus Falls, MN

Becker County Museum 2014

A big thanks to the Museum board of directors for letting us bring this to you.

San Haven, ND 2013

We drove for 5 hours to hang out in a horse pasture...with an amazing piece of history

Villisca, Iowa 2011

With a complicated crime history and so many deaths it seemed like a logical place to go.

Greyhound Museum Hibbing MN 2011

This is a video to document that not every investigation goes as planned.

S.S. Irvin, Duluth MN 2011

They host a "Haunted Ship" each October. How haunted is it really?


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