Midwest Paranormal Files have conducted investigations from Duluth, MN. to Villisca, Iowa, as well as Northern North Dakota. We are based out of Detroit Lakes, MN, and have been doing this since October 2010. The group uses scientific methods when conducting an investigation with audio, photography and video. If you have a location please fill out this form

Paracon 2014

*Updated 8/07

Look at the schedule, plus bio's on some of the stars. We will be adding more bio's in the weeks to follow. Right now read up on Chip Coffey and Loren Coleman.

Private residence July 12th

We head out to help a family experiencing some troubling events. Some of the claims are a ghost cat, moving objects, apparitions, stomping, among other things. We are happy to help the family regain a piece of mind and their home.


MPF is now listed as a

TAPS Family Member


The story behind the TAPS Family via their website,


2014 so far

2014 has been pretty busy for us already. 3 investigations, 2 homeowners and 1 business, and a presentation with the Screen Free organization. We would like to share some pictures of the presentation we did at the Becker County History Museum. It was a fun presentation on local legends and lore. With some equipment basics followed by some EVP's we have gotten.

If you are here browsing check these articles out

Here are a list of interesting reads from our team. Blogs, articles written for the newspaper, and other stories you might miss when flipping through.

Another Historic Investigation

We go back to the museum we investigated in December '13. Quite a bit of activity the last time. We hope we will be able to share the evidence from both afterwards.

Para-x radio Dec 3

We were on Minnesota Paranormal Coalition Radio, Dec. 3rd. It's found on Para-x.com weekly Tuesday 8 pm Central Time. Go to this link to hear it. http://mpcunity.com/mpc_radio.html  Find the Dec. 3rd show in the list to hear it.

Dec. 7th Private Residence

A private residence with a long history of activity. The owners have lived there for 48 years and have always noticed things going on. This one is about an hour away. We met the clients at ParaCon this year.

Bottineau Courant Article by Scott Wagar

Here is an article from the Bottineau Courant by Scott Wagar. It features our investigation of San Haven. He wrote a seven piece article on the history of San Haven which won some awards. One picture is captioned wrong. The shadow figure it says we debunked is talking about a different picture. There was some confusion with that discussion. To read it click on the attatched PDF files. 

History of San Haven

The history of San Haven as compiled and presented by Kristy Sletta at ParaCon.


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