Integrity in the paranormal

The paranormal isn’t always the easiest subject to get people to talk about.
There are many times people approach me, with hushed tones, or begin by saying, you will never believe this but…  Then, they begin telling me their stories of the paranormal. It seems once people hear about what we do, the stories start to come out.  I really enjoy hearing different people’s stories.  It helps to be able to relate to people with such a seemingly taboo topic.  We at MPF are always willing to hear your stories.  It is interesting when we can relate one person’s experiences to another’s.  You don’t have to contact us solely for an investigation.  We can try to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the paranormal, and if we don’t have the answers for you we will try to guide you to someone who may be able to help.  Maybe you are just wondering what our opinion might be on something you are experiencing in your home, or business. We are always available, you can contact us through Facebook or here on our website.  We are here to help, in any way we can. Integrity in what we do is important to everyone in our group.  Feel free to share your stories with me personally at  If you don’t come to us for help, do some research on the group you do go to.   We may not be the group who thinks every orb or bump in the night is a ghost.  But what we will bring to you is our honest opinion, and evidence is gone over amongst all our members. We try to be as meticulous as possible, while at the same time trying to find any logical explanation we can. We will not present something we don’t all agree on, and may at times find nothing.  We do however, enjoy every investigation. We meet amazing people, with amazing personal experiences and stories to share. We get to investigate some very interesting places, all while learning and sharing in the history of the location.  We also have at times, caught some amazing evidence that was able to shed some light on what people were experiencing.  We are all here to learn and share everything we can, after all, the paranormal by definition is that which cannot be explained by normal means.  What is normal anyway?  Enjoy your summer!

  • Kristy