The Kirkbride Investigation or A long couple nights in the loony bin

What can a guy say, the privilege to spend the night in a historical building of this magnitude leaves me speechless.  Goodnight

Well alright I’ll find the words. With no power we had to kick it old school. Armed with only handheld cameras, digital voice recorders, and a couple K2 meters we hit the halls of the Kirkbride. The first trip was June 23rd. We walked as a group all night so no one would get lost. It’s such a huge place and so much of it looks the same, it’s easy to do. For a place with such a disturbing story, (as any Asylum and TB clinic would have) and halls that hosted so much suffering there wasn’t as much activity as I had thought there would be.  Don’t get me wrong, we did get responses. A good K2 session in a stairwell was the highlight for me that first night. There was no power, no reason for a strong K2 response. The K2 hits continued all through the night, just none as good as the stairwell. During the evidence review we discovered it wasn’t as quiet as we thought. So we were eager to get back in. July 28th it happened. This time we were comfortable with splitting up in 3 groups. One group took the east wing, another went west, and the third went to the basement. We had 2 new investigators join us. Kelsey and Gary asked to join the group just weeks prior to the second go round. What a place to conduct your first MPF investigation. They did great in the spooky dark halls, complete with more bats and no power. We focused some group attention on the areas we got responses during the first trip. We also got access to the tower building and found what we believe was the lobotomy room. We tried some new techniques and theories with the audio side of the research. We also have found we get more responses when we are in a group and just having fun. I call it the “Monster Inc. theory”. If you remember the movie, kids laughter has more energy than screaming. We keep learning and trying new things. This second night was much like the first. No slamming doors, no Hollywood creepy ghosts, no one died by the hands of hillbillies. But the bats made it feel like an “Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein” type night. We did get results though, again not as much as one would think after so many perished there. We went till sunrise, some a little longer.

It’s taken us weeks if not months to get through everything. Roughly 20 hours of audio on each audio recorder, and 2 handheld’s with almost as much video. This hobby takes up more of our time than a lot of people spend fishing. It sure is fun though when you hear that voice that doesn’t fit, or that knock you asked for. We will be showing all the wonderful evidence and knowledge we’ve gotten at ParaCon at the Shooting Star Casino October 12 at 11:30am. See us at our booth if you have any questions following the presentation, or to get a better listen to any of the evidence.

On a side note I feel it important to mention that some of the city council would like to tear this historical and well preserved building down. Some of the council are trying to find people to develop it into something. After spending two nights there trying to contact someone, it seems to me that I could easily see any of you living in a nice condo quite peacefully while trying not to contact anyone in either wing. The building is completely made of concrete. Beautiful architecture and very reusable for commercial and living space. So please get involved

Thank you

  • Jeremy