K-2 experience at Pine Point

The first trip to Pine Point School for the Midwest Paranormal Files was actually pretty uneventful personal experience-wise. But after analyzing the evidence collected in the form of audio and video, we discovered this was a hot spot for paranormal activity. The second time around, though, proved much better personal experiences than we had the first time and it came early. After meeting for the pre-investigation planning, I decided to do a K-2 sweep in the Circle, where we did capture most of our more reliable evidence from the first time.  A K-2 meter is one which measures electro-magnetic fields (EMF) or waves. Electricians use them to see if wires in houses are insufficiently insulated, in which if they are not, they give off high readings of EMFs. A K-2 sweep is recommended before each investigation, to see if there are any electronic devices giving off a high EMF reading, so it can be accounted for later in the investigation. If there are no EMF readings recorded on the K-2, then the room is deemed EMF-free.  The theory in paranormal research, goes that entities give off EMF waves, in which the K-2 can pick up. So, if a room is to be determined to be free of EMFs after a K-2 sweep, then later in the investigation, the meter starts picking up readings, with no electronic devices or lights interfering, then it could be determined an entity is present.  But if there are no light standards or apparent wires in the area and the K-2 picks up EMF readings, that should raise a red flag of an entity in the area.  Walking basically in the middle of the Circle and nearing where families place the casket for viewing during funerals, the K-2 immediately went off to the yellow light – which is high – with green being low and red very high.  There were no wires or light standards even close to where I was standing. The K-2 meter started hitting red, meaning EMFs were registering high. Again, I was not close to anything which would give off EMFs – and later in the same area just an hour later, no EMFs were picked up.  But that didn’t conclude my K-2 experience. I called on my 2-way back to H.Q. and Kristy came out. We started getting more hits, all near where the casket usually sits. With Brian H. coming out with his I.R. handheld video camera….we started asking more direct questions.  I asked if something was there, that making the K-2 blink was a “yes” to our questions. I asked if we were talking to a male entity. No blink. I asked if she was female. About 5-7 seconds later, it blinked.  We all kept asking questions, with Emily B. coming out and speaking her native language, to see if we would get any better reaction. It kept blinking, with zero appliances or sources which would be omitting EMFs.  I laid the K-2 on a table and it went quiet for over 5 minutes. We said we were going to leave if we don’t get any more reaction. Lo and behold, the K-2 blinks up to yellow. No one was within 3-5 feet of the K-2.  I did a sweep to see if Brian’s video camera was emitting any EMFs and nothing. It would randomly blink over a 15-20 minute period.  After we departed from the area, several of us made different trips back to the area where we were getting hits throughout the night. The K-2 remained quiet, with no lights lighting up. That was the case for the remainder of the evening.  The K-2 is definitely not considered evidence by the Midwest Paranormal Files. It is simply used as a tool. But having that kind of activity in random areas, as well as near where the casket is lain during funerals, and where we captured several EVPs (audio evidence) from our first investigation – it certainly raised intrigue for our investigation.