A good read… Shadows of the Dark

 I finally was able to read the book I picked up at the paranormal conference, we attended in November.   Sometimes I randomly chose paranormal topics to read about, but the book I just finished was more along the lines of the Demonic or malicious spirits.  This has always fascinated me, and sometimes I feel like a sponge, trying to absorb as much as possible on the subject.
The book I’m speaking of is called Shadows of the Dark, by John Zaffis, and Brian McIntyre.  Some may be familiar with John Zaffis from the television show, the Haunted Collector.  However, he is a respected demonologist, a seasoned paranormal investigator, and nephew to the renown psychic Lorraine Warren.
In the book, he tells of his background, how his aunt and uncle had a strong view of the paranormal world, and wouldn’t allow him to join on an investigation until he reached age 18.  That age, they agreed, he would understand, there are serious risks involved with investigating the paranormal.   You need to have a strong faith, a level head, and a mature perspective to deal with what they were about to expose him too.
He reveals, he has assisted in over 80 exorcisms to date.  Admitting that exorcisms are only to be dealt with by pure clergy.  He tells stories of some of the most memorable possessions he had dealt with firsthand.  Both physically and in the home.  How people can open themselves up to these forces, and how they try to help them close that door.
There is a story of a haunting, where a raven mysteriously appears to watch over the family while it is happening.   The true story of the “Haunting in Connecticut”  where the movie obviously strayed from the real truth of the case.  And how, after seeing a demon appear to him, he reconsidered returning to the field.
He covers a story of a couple,  who are haunted by black hooded figures in their home.  But without taking his advice, he decided they could not be helped.   The book does have complex cases.   Cases of a dark nature.  Definitely a good read. I highly recommend it.
The most haunting piece of advice I received from the book… “Upon hearing a knock, on a door or a window, you look outside through the glass or peephole… But find none there… Do not open the door. ”  He implies, in doing so you may have given the spirit permission to enter…  Or in some cases move in, for good…

  • Kristy