The Palmer House, through my eyes

 For me, it all started on a cold January morning, I looked outside and noticed the snowplow had gone by which means I have to get the snow thrower out of the shed and throw some snow…Minnesota…gotta love it.   I get the snow all cleared and now for a shower, I get the news that I now only have 45 minutes to get cleaned up, pack my clothes, get all the equipment ready, load the car, and be at the rendezvous place.  Well  we got there 3 minutes late, no big deal, no one had left yet.  So today is already a victory.  We decided carpooling would be a good option, that way we have some company for the drive ahead, only two hours but its still good to have some company.   We arrive in Sauk Centre safely a little after noon.  Walking into the palmer house was like stepping back in time, a time that seemed more interesting than now.  I knew then and there this wasn’t going to be your typical stay at a chain hotel.  We get our room keys and head off to each of our destinations.  Turns out I am staying in Lucy’s room, one of the active rooms…but hey it has a Jacuzzi!  Later we meet up with the rest of the crew at headquarters as we all await the tour ahead.   Now its time for lunch so we head to the restaurant.  As we are eating the owner of the establishment sits down besides us and gives us a very warm welcome to the hotel.  She knows how to make a person feel at home.  After lunch Brian w gives us a tour of the place, and what  a beautiful place it is.  Everywhere you look you will see period furnishings and art alike.  The only thing that looks out of place are the modern day exit signs.  The tour was great, we got to find out a lot of history of the place…interesting indeed.  Later that night we start testing some of our equipment and figuring out just the right angles for cameras and so forth.  After getting most of that figured out we commenced to the bar for some late night dining, a burger always hits the spot no matter what time of night.  We retire back to headquarters to set out a plan for tomorrow.  Well here it is the day I have been looking forward to for months, the day of the live investigation.  To start the day off right we meet up with another investigator at the restaurant for some breakfast.  And this is where I discovered the worlds best French toast, nothing I have ever had can compare to that French toast.  (sounds like all I did there was eat, I did more than eat but I just want to give some credit to the great food the palmer house has to offer)  after breakfast we set up the dvr camera unit and some other cameras.  There was a vide down in the basement, not a creepy crawly vibe but a good one (hard to imagine that going on in a creepy basement I know) everyone helped out to get the job done, we all helped each other and it all came together quite quick. Well its about an hour now until we go live, I must admit I am now nervous.  we are still going over the last minute details but we got it all together in time.  Well what happened at the palmer house you ask, well your going to have to visit out evidence tab, as for now I am back home getting ready to clear some snow, that snowplow came by again…Minnesota…I still love it. 

  • Brian H.