Becker County Museum 2014

A big thanks to the Museum board of directors for letting us bring this to you.

December 2013 the team convened at the museum. Claims ranged from kids playing, footsteps, singing, and the sounds of a man. The building used to be a church, but for the full history of the location watch this video

During setup of the first investigation Kristy placed her recorder on the bar. The bar came from the Wolf Lake municipal liquor store. It’s in the basement of the building. It’s also December in Minnesota. She listened to her audio a little while later and heard a peculiar sound. Afterwards she showed the group and went out to the place she had the recorder. Looking around the area they notice something. A stuffed parrot that belonged to Mrs. Lewis. She ran the Lewis Hotel and had several mimicking parrots. This was her favorite

Remember those kids we were talking about? This next clip is also from the first investigation. It was caught in the old altar area.

One of the museum directors used to sing. Here is an example of that singing. Like Amy says in the History clip above, she didn’t sing well.

We went back to the museum in February 2014. During the second investigation Jeremy set his recorder next to the stuffed parrot off and on all night. We tried to get a repeat performance from the deceased parrot. Maybe it wasn’t quite dead after all, (python reference intended).

Later, during the night, we were back in the altar area. We had gotten what we believe to be Kids, and a “Yeah” in that spot before so lets try to get a repeat. Instead we got something better. We were hearing footsteps coming down the hallway. Jeremy turned on the IR handheld to see if he could catch something. Nearly immediately Kristy complained of getting a pain in her neck. What we caught in between the camera being turned on and her pain is pretty cool. The first EVP is from Kelsey’s recorder with video from the DVR camera. Then it shows the camera footage. We have a pretty good idea what the voice says, but we will let you come to your own conclusion.

We gave the parrot one last chance to make itself heard. You will hear Kristy play the bird clip from the first investigation. Shortly after you will hear the first chirp. A little bit later you will hear the second. It’s a little bit tricky to hear the second one. The group is talking when it happens. Listen close.

Brian H. and Kristy went to the state fair this past summer. They came across a group of bird experts. They played the clip for the two guys in the tent. They ask them where they got it. “A basement in December” Brian says. Intrigued one of them continues to probe. Eventually Brian tells them he is part of a ghost hunting team and that’s how they got the recording. Immediately one of them rolls his eyes and walks away. The other guy was even more interested. When asked what kind of bird he thought it might be, he said a House Finch. The House Finch will stay in parts of Minnesota all year long, but they don’t nest in a house. So why would you hear it in a basement? Another note, we have only heard it when next to the stuffed parrot.

Among all the historical items found in the Becker County Museum there appear to be some unseen things hanging around as well. Please go visit the parrot, the two headed calf, and Ol’ 3 legs next time your in the area. For more information check them out on their Facebook page