William A Irvin, Duluth MN 2011

Here we go again, this time to Duluth, MN. We had the privilege to board the William A. Irvin. An old steam freighter docked in canal park. They offer tours through most of the ship. I suggest going in Oct. to catch the haunted ship tour  https://duluthhauntedship.com/  We spent the night aboard the ship. Some of us spent the night (by night I mean the 2.5 hours of sleep we got before we had to leave) in the crew quarters where they hear footsteps. While the rest of us slept in the Captains quarters. We were the first people to sleep on those beds since it was dry docked. It was an interesting night for sure. Not only getting to see the inner workings of an old ship but all the personal experiences we had. We were joined by two of the ships employee’s. We called them Scooby and Shaggy. They did a wonderful job of getting us around and making us feel welcome. There was one death aboard the ship. It happened in the boiler room. The crew was fixing a leaky pipe connected to the steam boiler and forgot one step in there process and inadvertently made a pipe bomb. When they brought the boiler back on line it pressurized the pipe at it exploded killing one man and injuring two others. This is the area we caught the most activity. We had purchased an eight channel DVR to bring us up to 12 IR cameras going non stop all night long. It helped out a lot with such a vast area to cover.  Watch these videos to see what we caught.

Tour of the Irvin This is just a little bit of what went on as Midwest Paranormal visited the William A. Irvin in Duluth, MN on June 18-19 2011.

Phantom Door, Brian W., Chrisy W., are walking on the cat walk doing an EVP session. Brian H. is seen on the other camera in a room below and through a wall from where Brian and Chrisy are. There is a door up some steps that Brian and Chrisy walk by in the left far corner. The sounds you hear are the same as someone walking up the steps and open the door. As you can see, no one is there to make those sounds. The audio comes from the EVP session. The video is from the DVR IR cameras we use. They are synced up and unaltered.

What’s on the Grate. !WARNING! there is some adult language in this clip. The group hears the sounds of someone walking on the grates above them. They try to come up with a logical reason, but fall short. 3 of the cameras are from the DVR we use. They are placed on the only ways in or out of the area. So we know no one left the scene. Everyone on the boat was accounted for.  

Brian, Jeremy, and Kristy are doing an EVP session in the crew quarters of the William A. Irvin in Duluth, MN. There is a whisper from someone other than us three. Let us know what you think the voice says

Another EVP session in the crew quarters of the William A. Irvin in Duluth, MN. There is a whisper from someone other than us three again. Let us know what you think the voice says

Here is an interesting audio clip we got that night. Could there be an owl in the belly of the ship?