Fergus Falls Kirkbride June 23rd and July 28th 2012

Here it is the investigation location we have been wanting to do since we started the group. What seemed impossible became a reality this year not once but twice. We were allowed into the Kirkbride in Fergus Falls June 23rd and July 28th. We started each investigation at 8. The first went till 3:30 am. The second lasted till I believe 6:30 for some of the more dedicated members. Others started to filter off around 4:30 or so. During the first investigation we stayed together for most of the night. It’s way to easy to get turned around and misplaced in such a huge facility. We split up once in the basement when we ventured into the labyrinth of tunnels. The second trip we split up in 3 groups of three. We took in two new investigators in July, Kelsey and Gary. For them this was their first investigation. Also joining us was our web designer Jordan, this was his fee. They all did a good job and didn’t freak out and run. Nor did they scream at the bat infestation. It was pretty quiet both nights. Which was completely opposite than any of us thought. Well enough chatter lets get to what you came to this site for. The evidence is grouped in similarity.

We went out to the Kirkbride along with Jerry Eklund Photography, to take some drone video. This was shot in April 2019. June of 2019 the section behind the tower is going to be demolished. 2.7 million is being spent to remove the section of buildings despite businesses wanting to use/purchase parts of the section. The admin building, gazebos and tunnels were removed the year prior. We need to preserve our history, not destroy it. The buildings are in great shape and could be used and enjoyed for many more generations. The money could have been used for improvements instead.

Kristy and Brian have been involved with the Friends of the Kirkbride group for quite awhile prior to the investigation. It was their connection to the group and contacts with the city that allowed us access. The building has been closed by the city since these investigations. They sealed it up and shut down the tours. If you haven’t been in the Fergus Falls State Hospital/Kirkbride building here is a tour shot in IR and put together by Brian.

This clip was a hidden gem on the mother computer. Forgotten about until we put a presentation together for CoreCon 11 in Fargo, N.D. We don’t recall the details. It’s pretty clear what is being said. Sadly there are quite a few clips asking for help.

This clip was a hidden on the mother computer as well. Forgotten about until we put a presentation together for CoreCon 11 in Fargo, N.D. You can hear Brian W. ask if anyone is in there. He gets an answer before he could finish the question.

From the first investigation. The group was walking on 4th floor. Rules of any investigation is no whispering, whistling, humming or other slight noises.

Brian, Chrisy Wierima and Kelsey are in the basement. They Just walked by the cellar pantry under the kitchen, headed to the stairway going to the kitchen. We couldn’t agree on what is being said. See what you think it says.

During the second investigation we split up in groups for most of the night. Here Everyone got back together to go to the tower. We arrived at what was Doc. Patterson’s apartment. You’ll hear Brian Wierima asking him to say “hi”. It happens quick

The next three happen in the same room. In the first clip you will see Jordan, Emily, and Jeremy. We were sitting in the room at 4:30 am. It was the last session we did. The camera is a good 15′ away, and the battery in the IR light was dying. It was really quiet and we were starting to nod off until we asked for a response and got one.

This is from the first investigation, same overcrowded room. Again the last session we did that night. Around 3am. The group was all together. We had the video camera pointed at the K2.

 This is from the same session as the previous clip.

Yep, if you have followed us this will seem familiar. We caught three other “hey” at the Palmer House. This one is very similar to those. Is something following us around? Or is it something easy to say and get through.

The whole group was in the gym throwing glow sticks to use as a grid. If something walked in front it would block out the light. We had 5 devices, 4 audio recorders and a handheld, running in different locations. Each one of them caught this same thing.

We don’t considered this evidence, but it’s note worthy nonetheless. This is in a stairwell going from the basement up to the other floors. We had just walked through the door and we started getting hits on the K2. There is no power on in the building. We tested all the equipment we had with us, none of it set it off. Then it started going off again. K2 meter lights go from green, yellow, red. Red being the strongest reading. The meter lit up all the way to red. You’ll see that a beardless me is holding the K2 and Brian W. is holding the audio recorder. The constant flashing red light is the LED on the recorder. This a short clip of the stronger responses we got.

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