Pine Point Old School 2011 – 2014

Welcome to the updated information page on our Pine Point investigations. Hold on, because this is going to be a huge chunk of information condensed and packed into one post.

The best, most organized background information that we have on Pine Point was video taped live during our presentation at the first annual Paracon paranormal convention at the Shooting Star Casino.The presentation can be viewed here in four parts, here is part one:

The presentation includes a brief introduction to our group, a short discussion on what gear we had at the time and how we used it, a history of the Pine Point School, and our evidence caught during two separate investigations in May and September of 2011.

You can also read an article written by Brian W. for the Detroit Lakes paper from 2011 Paranormal in Pine Point

We have returned to the Pine Point School for investigations a handful of times. The evidence we have collected during those trips have been put into short video clips.

Our first piece of evidence from Pine Point we ever publicly showed was The Piano Note. During this piece, investigators were sitting adjacent to a room with an old piano sitting in it. Jeremy asks if anyone wants to play a note on the piano – and we believe we received a response.

Brian W. and his son Brody were down in the basement discussing where the old projector was. Apparently he was right.

At Pine Point, we have had a few different pieces of evidence which include a sigh, exhale, or a deep breath sound.

Most investigations are pretty quiet with little feedback. This first night was no different. Brian W. says it’s boring in here tonight…someone doesn’t agree

Kristy asks for 3 knocks. She gets most of what she asked for.

We have also heard some other sounds and voices.

During setup we had a camera rolling. The group was in a separate room used for base camp. We have tried to debunk this…without luck.

Brian W. and Jeremy were discussing the Scream and Flash evidence from the previous investigation. Jeremy made a guess…he guessed wrong

During a training investigation Brian, Jeremy, Jordan, and Brandi were back in the area we use for the Haunted School. It’s a carnival theme complete with a human dart board. We were back by the dart board with a video camera, and three recorders placed in various spots around the carnival area. All of them about 10′ away or so. Jordan asked if there “funeral was held here”. Brian noted a spike on his EMF meter. Brain asked the same question and got a verbal response. We put all four clips together in this video. We don’t all agree what is said. Comment with your thoughts or questions.

Here is some video of a KII session conducted at Pine Point. While we do not present KII sessions as “evidence” of a haunting, KII meters are used as a tool to focus our investigating efforts and used to debunk any kind of electromagnetic field anomalies.

Reviewing evidence is an ongoing process. Here’s a video of what we believed might have been a light anomoly. We called this video “Cat Tail” because it has the shape of a long, thin cat tail. Later, after much consideration and deliberation among the members of the group, we have decided that this is most likely either a stray hair or a piece of string which passes by camera lens and is caught momentarily in reflection of the camera lamps. This is a great lesson on the importance of getting that second and third and fourth and fifth opinion!

A child asks “Who is that?”

We thought it was a little girl singing. Then we showed this at ParaCon in Mahnomen. We learned LaLa is Lakota for Grandpa. The man that told us was a Lakota native with a granddaughter. It sent chills up his back.

We have also had numerous personal experiences while at this location. We have seen shadows, heard sounds not caught by our equipment, we’ve had our clothing tugged, we have heard footsteps and conversations when there is no one else in the building, we’ve had a hand laid on our arm when there’s no one else in the room. But it is worth mentioning that we have never felt unsafe or afraid in this location. Whatever energy is in this location, it has not appeared to be negative.

We are grateful for the opportunities we have been allowed in Pine Point and we look forward to continuing our professional and social relationship with the building and the community.

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