Pine Point 2016 – 2017

This past May we learned that the Old School in Pine Point was going to be torn down, leaving just the circle area. It hit us kind of hard, sort of like when your best friend moves away. So many memories over the years of scaring kids and making adults pee during the haunted school events. The nights we have spent chasing voices, K2 activity that picks one person to respond to, and even the quiet nights that fill our audio recorders. It was indeed hard to say goodbye.

The truth in it was it needed to come down. Years of vandals, leaky roofs, and flooded basements was hard on it. They are going to put a steel secure building attached to the circle area now. Programs that are beneficial to the community will be brought in and housed there. It really is the right thing to do.

June 8th the community put together an all school reunion. One last walk through, food, music and stories. The building stood since 1936, being added onto in 1952, and the circle added in 1978. Emily and Jeremy went out and put out some historic photos and stories. They hung out and visited with everyone. Emily went to head start and kindergarten there. She is the reason we got into the building in the first place. In fact the first investigation here got us the presenter gig at the first ParaCon. I’m getting side tracked.

After the party MPF spent one last night walking the old halls and squishy basement floors. We invited Justin from Johnsdale Paranormal Group to join us. They are a like minded group based out of Onamia, MN. Justin brought three cameras, one of which he carried with and the other two set up on tripods. Most of the video came from his cameras.

About 6:00 Jeremy and Emily were the first to show up. They unpacked their gear and placed a recorder on a table in the circle area. Then they went outside to photo catalog the existing structure as it stood in it’s entirety. Shortly after they left you hear someone call them back in.

The rest of the team showed up, along with Justin. We tried starting several times but every ones batteries kept dying. Even our walkies were having trouble communicating back and forth. At 9:07pm the team was in, what we call, the Piano Room doing an EVP session. Kristy was in a closed off room at base camp watching the monitor in the circle building. This next clip is from the main circle area Kristy was closed off from. In an empty room the little boy comes through for us again. I wonder though, is he still looking for his mom, does he realize what happened to him?

At 12:48 a storm had just blew through. Jeremy was at base camp and the rest of the team were back in the Piano Room. Jeremy noticed them pointing around towards the hallway while watching the monitor. Eventually the girls came back and asked if Jeremy wanted to go. He asked what all the pointing was. Orbs…they saw orbs…it takes a lot for us to admit it…they saw orbs. Visual light anomaly moving around in an area unaffected from outside influence. It lasted for quite some time as well. Sadly neither camera, DVR and handheld, caught it. Upon arrival Jeremy set his recorder in the hallway. This clip shows the video and audio from the hand held first. Then it plays the audio from the recorder along with the video. You will notice the Name is only heard in the hallway on the recorder.

1:46 am Emily is taking the historic photos down from the roll up wall. It’s getting hot at base camp. While she is doing this she hears the flute. This isn’t evidence. It is however the first time we heard the flute this extreme. There is a hole in the windows in the top of the room. It at times produces a one tone “flute” noise that only lasts a few seconds. Normally it doesn’t change tunes and sound like a song.

After the demolition we went back. We wanted to try and find out the answer to “what happens when an active building is torn down”. The voice heard here sounds similar to a voice we heard in the old section of the building. We don’t have the answer, but it would seem that at least one spirit moved into the circle area.

Let’s back up to October 29, 2016. We had just wrapped up another Haunted School event at the old school. We hung out to see what we could catch. We were kind of sitting around and Kristy said “Hi” to try to get a response. It worked.

3 minutes later, in a similar voice we hear this.

If you keep track of where the evidence comes from inside the building, a little over half of it is from the circle area. The other half is from various rooms and levels of the old school that no longer exists. Did all the spirits of the old section move into the circle? If so we are all in for a treat. If you see a child run by you, or whisper in your ear, don’t assume he is flesh and blood. Do spirits have free range to move to any location they want? Did some cling to the old walls that were hauled away? We hope to be able to answer these questions with future investigations. Until then keep questioning everything you think you know.

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