Pine Point Old School/New Community Center

June 29th 2019

Jeremy interviewed the general foreman on the job of remodeling the Old School circle area and build the new addition. He had several stories of the construction crews witnessing what could be paranormal. From hearing music being played, shadow figures, as well as being touched. Another claim was the sets of lights that are turned on by ceiling mounted motion detectors would be seen on after the crews had left for the day. Naturally people suggested mice had gotten in. However, mice leave certain signs behind. These “signs” are easily found by construction workers working on a building. Nothing was noticed by them or us. Still we had to make sure if it was possible for a mouse to trigger the motion detector. We don’t know the brand or style of the detector to look it up and find out…but we have balls. A big sack of balls…that we found in the boys and girls club room. During an earlier test Jeremy threw his shoe in to see if heat was needed. Some detectors detect heat emitted movement to turn on. Nothing happened. In the first test they tried rolling balls into the room. When that didn’t work they tried height. Maybe the sensor doesn’t sense that close to the floor. Let’s join the boys for test #2 to see just what it takes.

We were allowed in shortly before they turn the building over to the community. Much of the new addition, built on top of the original school, will be locked down due to who occupies the offices. Our hope during this investigation was to see if we could hear anything familiar in the new building to what we have heard in the old school. Did any of our friendly spirits stick around? We certainly hope so.

Throughout the night we investigated heavily in the new addition. With just a few sessions in the circle area. We even went into the tunnels for the first time. The EMF sweep turned up nothing, nor were any of the meters triggered during the night. It was another quite night, beyond the banging coming from the new steel roof cooling down. Like most quite nights at the Old School our audio tells a different story.

We arrived at 6pm. While setting up Kristy placed a recorder on the serving area between the dining room and kitchen. Like so many other investigations we have done, the spirits don’t wait until we are ready. We can’t tell what is being said.

We feel fairly positive that the voice in that clip is close enough to the La La girl to say she hasn’t gone anywhere. Another time she has talked to us is possibly the 1040 hello oct 29 16 clip.

We clipped out 9 audio clips from the night. Some we debunked after getting together as a group. Four other clips were just to faint to share. This next one nearly fell into the faint category. Headphones might help.

Fast forward to 1:46am. The group is in the new addition of the Old School. You can sort of hear us. We don’t sound like this though. We can’t tell what is being said in a heavy breath sort of way.

From nine to two clips. Our golden rule – When in doubt, Throw it out. We only post what we feel comfortable standing behind. It is not our goal to make you a believer. It is our goal to share with you what we feel is proof to us that spirits exist, and to never mislead anyone.

So what does this mean for our friends that hung out in the old school that has been tore down? We don’t know to be honest. Stories are just that…stories. That being said, there is a story of two guys doing sheet rock in the new addition. All morning they could see a shadow figure hanging out behind them. When one of the men felt a hand on his shoulder it was time to leave. Jeremy has seen one shadow figure in all of his years of doing this. It just happened to be in the old part of the old school. It happened while we were helping with the haunted school event the community powwow put on. Could it be the same shadow figure?

The circle area has produced over 50% of the evidence caught in the building as a whole. Does one night of getting evidence from just the circle prove that the spirits in the tore down old section have moved on in some way? Not at all. It just proves we still need to go back to try and get proof of it either way. We certainly hope we will get the chance again.

As always, a big thanks to the community council and people of Pine Point MN.

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