Private Residence Jan. and May 2015

Somewhere MN

We are trying to keep as much as possible private while still being able to show you some interesting stuff. The homeowner gave us permission to share with you what we caught at the house. It just wouldn’t be right to give away the location and family name.

So with that said lets catch you up. We first went there in January. Jeremy went along with the new recruits, Jordan, Brandi, and Corine. (Corine has since left the team to pursue her dream job). Some of the claims were;

Someone downstairs looking up. The staircase is open to the kitchen.

They see apparitions coming down from the 2nd floor. Usually only enough to show the legs then turn around

Young children waiving at someone that the adults can’t see

Recently a young boy was playing tag with “Grampa” while Grampa was gone to work

After the walk through and hearing the claims we went to work. We set up 8 cameras blanketing the house. Put the Mel meter, that sounds an alarm when vibrated, on a bed that “shakes”. Grabbed our walkie-talkie, flashlights, and recorders then headed to the basement. Jordan was left at base camp to watch the monitors. Shortly after asking for…well just watch

A little back story is needed now that you have seen it. The owner had a family member living with him and his family. He used to play jokes on people. One of the jokes was to tell the family the phone is ringing shortly before it rang. Then they would get up to go answer it. That’s when you would hear him laugh. He was at the other end calling the house. Our walkie-talkie’s don’t make that sound when it rings. It’s not even similar. The family also has no phone lines in the house. That family member passed a number years ago. We aren’t saying this is evidence, but it is interesting when tied to the story. It very well could be the spirit of the family member. It could also be some kind of odd interference we have never come across before.

The stories and that incident sparked our curiosity. We decided we should go back. In May of 2015 Jeremy, Brian, Kristy, and Kelsey returned.

Well into our first EVP session something odd happened. A recorder with a kickstand was placed along a couch we were sitting on. It was about a foot back from the front of the couch so wiggly feet couldn’t knock it over. So in a presumably safe location it flopped completely over. What caused the inanimate object to flop a 180 onto it’s face? We can’t say for sure. This again may or may not be paranormal. It is at this point unexplained. Listening back we heard no sounds of impact from a foot or hand.

Later into the night we had a recorder placed on the base camp table…okay the dinning room table. During a break Kristy and Kelsey are discussing her choice of snack. An odd voice is captured joining in the conversation. We can’t come up with what is being said, so come to your own conclusion. Then comment with what you think the voice says.

Around 10:33pm a recorder placed on a table near the kitchen caught a name. The table is also at the top of the steps going down to the basement. The homeowners aren’t aware of anyone by this name having lived on the property. Everyone has been accounted for, and we checked all other recorders at the time of this clip.

The family doesn’t live in fear of the spirits that reside in their home. They were hoping for some answers to who they might be. We didn’t get any solid answers, but with the walkie-talkie phone call and girls voice maybe it’s family who has decided to stick around.

We would like to thank the family for letting us go public with what we caught in their home.