Evidence from our public investigations

“Midwest Paranormal Files is very strict with the content we share. When we conduct an investigation, everything stays between our members and the client. After revealing the evidence to the client and receiving permission, we post any relevant evidence. We only share the cases where clients have given us permission.

We may have discarded good clips based on the guideline of ‘when in doubt, throw it out.’ We usually only use evidence that can stand alone, discarding anything that cannot. We collect evidence using audio recorders and video cameras. K2 meters and other tools are not used as evidence, but instead presented as something of interest. As a group, we believe that Ghost Boxes, Spirit Boxes, and similar tools are prone to more false positives than they are worth.

For commonly used terms and a full explanation of smudging, please check out our glossary.

MPF first investigation made believers of us all

With a complicated crime history and so many deaths it seemed like a logical place to go.

Greyhound Museum 2011. This is to document that not every investigation goes as planned.

They host a “Haunted Ship” each October. How haunted is it really?

This is the one we have all been waiting for

We drove for 5 hours to hang out in a horse pasture…with an amazing piece of history

Pine Point ’11-’14 A local haunt with a lot of history.
December 2013 the team convened at the Becker County Museum. Claims ranged from kids playing, footsteps, singing, and the sounds of a man.

We bring you the cornfields of Iowa. Edinburgh Manor is an interesting site and has great amenities for the guests.

The new building is up, so what might linger? We went to find out.