Palmer House, Jan. 2011

By now, you’ve probably heard about The Palmer House hotel in Sauk Center, Minnesota. It has been on various “haunted location” TV shows and is usually among the top whenever someone makes a list of the most haunted places in Minnesota. Our very first group investigation after being founded way-back-when was The Palmer House. After reviewing our evidence from the first investigation, we knew we would be going back again. Evidence from both of those investigations is presented here.

The Palmer House has a long list of paranormal claims. While our group did not experience a majority of the previous claims, we did have a few.

We begin with a video titled simply “Big Orb”. We do not believe in orbs. Let’s just get that out there. Orbs are not a thing. Orbs are dust or bugs or sometimes even birds or bats. Ninety-nine percent of the time. The other one percent of the time, we can’t explain. Take this video for instance. In this clip, you will see three of our investigators in the basement when some sort of something – which can only be described as a Big Orb shows up. This is not evidence of a haunting, this is just a clip of video we offer up for your consideration or discussion.

Through the years, we have found that it is not unusual anywhere we go to get quick, short sounds which we have dubbed “heys”. This video includes three of these. They were all captured in the same corner of the basement on two separate trips. One takes place immediately before one of our guest investigators experiences a sharp pain in his leg. Another takes place during a separate trip but in the same vicinity with a dog along for the investigation. This “hey” was audible to the group present – you can tell by the reaction of the group when they start asking, “Did you hear that?” and “Who said that?”

This is video during our initial setup process. We’ve learned to start recording on our cameras as soon as they are set up. You’ll see one of our investigators in the background walking through the basement turning all of the lights off. After they leave the room, the game camera in the room is triggered – then triggered again. Someone up at basecamp caught it and sent them down to check it out. You’ll see investigators return to the room and look around. It’s pointing towards the same corner the “Big Orb” came from.

On our previous investigation, one of our investigators thought they saw an orb anomaly in one of the still digital photos taken of a wreath hanging in the hotel lobby. In this video, you will hear investigators discussing the wreath while double-checking on the return investigation. Also, a voice

An EVP heard during evidence review – maybe giving advice?

Some of the claims in the Palmer House include named ‘ghosts’. One of those is “Raymond”. He even has is own room. Also, there are several claims of children being heard or seen – some of those are centered around one particular room. In this clip, you will hear one of our junior investigators conducting an EVP session in ‘The Kids’ Room” and he asks about Raymond.

We also had some unexplained personal experiences while visiting The Palmer House. We have heard footsteps in the hallway which pause outside the door – with shadows cast from the feet obscuring the hallway light – when there wasn’t anyone out there. We have seen puddles of water on the floor underneath fully functioning plumbing with no condensation. (The Palmer House has claims of a water elemental. We have a licensed plumber.) We have also taken a still digital photo which we cannot explain. See here a photo of what some have described as a ghost cat. Look in the middle of the clear and heavily used walkway. There is something small and semi transparent. The shadows bend or are completely blocked out by this “ghost cat”

Haunted or not haunted, The Palmer House is a pleasant place to visit whether you’re staying the night, having drinks in the bar, or making a special trip just to have the Blueberry Fritter French Toast. But watch your forks and drinks – moving silverware and moving stemware are frequent claims.

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