San Haven, ND June 2013

2013 has taken us into ND quite a few times. All the investigations were either private home owners or turned up with nothing to report. We took our summer trip to San Haven, ND. Stayed at the Sky Dancer Casino in Belcourt, and visited a building in the middle of a horse pasture. We met our hookup in Dunseith at 10 am. Drove a mile down the road and found San Haven State Hospital. He showed us around, mostly telling us which areas were unsafe. He also shared some stories from the nights he’d been out there. He left, and we stayed to further our tour. We took thousands of photo’s to try and recreate the photos he shared with us. The place is a mess and dangerous, that’s putting it lightly to be honest. Jeremy carried a K2 meter, Kristy an audio recorder, Brian a camera, and Kelsey another camera as well as another K2 meter. Only an occasional flash of lights were ever seen on the K2. Further attempts to contact anyone after a flash got no response. We were there until 1 pm when we thought we should eat and take a nap. Upon getting in the van Kristy, Kelsey and Jeremy got in. Kristy mentioned the basement area was hard on her, very heavy feeling. Just then the DVD screen dropped down. The girls asked Jeremy (it’s his van) if that sort of thing happens a lot. It does not, it’s hard to pull down on purpose because the hinge is half broke. Kristy slid the door open and asked for any spirit to leave the van. Once Brian got in we headed back to find some lunch. It’s not easy finding a place to eat in that part of the world let me tell you. 

About 5 pm we were ready to go back. We got to the van, loaded up, Jeremy tried to start the van. The battery was completely dead. Jeremy checked to see if anything was left charging, all the lights automatically turn off, nothing was left on. He just had the van in for an oil change where they check the battery. The battery was like new. Never had a problem before. It took awhile but we got a security guy to give us a jump from his 4 wheeler. Note for future investigations, bring jumper cables. We didn’t think Spirit right off the bat, but it did kind of make us wonder. Spirits are known to steal the energy from camera batteries and such things. But a car battery?

Shortly after returning to the hospital the K2 meter started to go crazy. Spiking to red for a sustained amount of time. We thought, what could be causing this naturally? We are in the middle of a horse pasture. All the wiring has been stripped from the building. There hasn’t been power for over 10 years. The sun was out, with just a slight breeze. It was responding to questions, and seemed to center around Jeremy. That’s when we started thinking we are communicating with the stow-away in the van. The K2 activity went on for over an hour. During which Jeremy asked the spirit if he (it was determined to be a boy) was the one in the van and did he drain the battery. He seemed to answer yes to both questions. The second time he asked with the same response. He told the spirit both times that he was unwelcome in the van and that he needed to stay in San Haven. After the third time the activity stopped. Here is a sample of the K2 session (click on the thumbnail below

We continued on, focusing on EVP’s and still taking photo’s. We ended up with thousands of photo’s. Sadly the night was cut short. The storm the weather guessers said would be south of us headed straight for us. It was midnight when we first started to hear the thunder. We thought long and hard about the exit strategy. The roadway is covered in a good 6″ of horse manure with piles in the woods as well. Do we chance driving through it after the rain? We could pull the van to a clear spot on the trail but then have to walk through it later. We decided it was best just to leave. We did end up with several good EVP’s from the evening though. Here are the videos we made for the ParaCon presentation we did Oct. 11th.

Back in the hospital you will hear Kristy ask if anyone else has audio on. It would appear someone else was paying attention.

There is a lot of graffiti in the buildings. Some funny, a few names, a lot of pot, and porn. Typical high school stuff. This name appears throughout the complex. We don’t know if there are a few Nina’s around this area or if it’s just one that got around. All I know is we weren’t the only ones that noticed.

We were walking around the Nurses cottage just taking it all in. No one was speaking when this appears on the audio. We cant all agree on what it says so the subtitle is ????. (after clip) Some say it says “slow” others have mentioned “souls”. We’ll let you be the judge.

The pictures below are from the guy that contacted us. We did not get any photos of shadow people. Nor can we explain them. We found when looking through an IR camera, and an iphone you can see the humidity/mist swirling around. Through a normal digital camera it wasn’t seen or captured. The contact sent us some misty pictures that looked like figures. We believe it was a coincidence, just a well timed photo and matrixing. His pictures were taken with an iphone which captured the humidity. It was a fun location. Dangerous but fun. We hope to get back there some day.

1 – Shadow Man. No one was around.  at this time

2 – Misty Figure. It was very humid down there. Picture taken with an iphone. We had similar results when we investigated.    

3 – Hooded Figure at the end of the hall. Upon investigating we found it to be a water heater and peeled paint.

4 – Hooded Man. This picture was taken from the road. You can see a hooded figure coming out of the window. 

5 – Little Girl. In the children’s ward. Yes there is a women standing at the end of this hallway. It’s the little blurry figure next to
her. I cropped it so you can see it easier. It’s off to the right of the women.

6 – Lady in the Hall. In the children’s ward you can see another blurry figure in the hall on the right along with something
coming out from the doorway. Neither of them appear to be solid.